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  • SPINNER 55/20 TSA
    KD 40.000KD 32.000

    PlentiVol™ 20:80 Packing System and PlentiVol & # 8482; packing system makes the lid shallow and main. By securing plenty of storage, you can easily store and pack all your things more. A collection that focuses on ease of use.

    In addition, it has a full range of functionality that makes traveling more comfortable, making it useful on trains and in unstable places. Wheel stopper StePause & # 8482; is attached to each front wheel, and it can be turned ON / OFF in one step. You can easily switch between them.

    The interior is equipped with dividers on both sides to prevent the load from collapsing, and it is removable so that you can check the contents.


    55 CM
    68 CM
    79 CM