Make the city
your playground

Bustling cities are ideal destinations when travelling with children – there’s
always something to keep the kids occupied, no matter the weather.
Think New York, London, Rome, Seoul and Melbourne—major airline hubs
where you’ll be able to fly direct.

Be realistic and make practical plans. When it comes to museums, look to natural-
history or science institutions, which usually have well-designed programs or areas for
Make sure to note cafes or restaurants nearby where you can refuel as a family.
Of course, every journey starts with packing—and the better prepared you are, the more
seamless your travels will be.

All sizes

Be prepared by stocking up on both large and small bags to make organization easy.

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Choose a different colored bag for each family member, so you can easily find what everyone needs during your trip.

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On the move

Foldable bags such as lightweight totes come in handy, whether for dirty laundry or to stash shopping while you’re out and about.

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Extra space

Bring along packable backpacks for extra carrying capacity on day trips.

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Smooth transits

When choosing a suitcase, opt for four spinner wheels rather than two—they make gliding through airports even easier.

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Smart carry-on

Select a compact carry-on case that expands and contracts—without being too heavy to swing into overhead compartments.

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